Tom Cibotti

Covington Associates

About Tom

Tom Cibotti is a Managing Director at Covington Associates LLC, a Boston-based investment
banking firm founded in 1991. He joined Covington Associates in 1993. Prior, Tom worked at
Barclays de Zoete Wedd and Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City. He has earned a
Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from Boston College and an MBA from
New York University. After working for large investment banks, Tom returned to Boston where
he and his wife have raised their family while he pursued a career with a smaller, boutique firm
that focused more on the middle market. For over 25 years Covington Associates has provided
clients with advice on topics like mergers and acquisitions (M&A), raising capital, and other
strategic advice.

Tom Cibotti has worked in investment banking for over 30 years. During these years he has
gained a great deal of exposure to a wide variety of segments within the healthcare and
technology industries. Tom has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of successful
entrepreneurs and business owners. Throughout the course of Tom’s career, he has completed
transactions aggregating over $10 billion. Each and every one of these transactions has had
their own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Many of Covington’s clients embarking on
an M&A process are often times going through one of the most significant events in their lives
both personally and professionally. Tom Cibotti emphasizes that the importance of building and
earning a trusted relationship is a critical component towards a successful M&A transaction. The
M&A process is an incredibly time consuming and often high stress period where a collaborative
team approach is crucial.

Covington Associates provides direct senior-level attention throughout all phases of the
transaction process in a 24/7 model. Their industry adeptness, commitment and passion to
clients allows them to deliver customized strategies on a client by client basis. Tom Cibotti
believes their high touch approach in each transaction helps build a deep sense of long term
partnership with clients. Many of Covington’s and Tom’s relationships have spanned 20+ years.
The hands-on commitment and senior level deal-making experience has translated into years of
successful closure rates for Covington Associates.

Tom remains to live in Boston with his family while he focuses on the continued success of
Covington Associates and their clients. His experience and exposure over the course of his
career continues to grow with each and every new opportunity and the challenges that each
transaction brings.